Antikapitalistische Demonstration: Widerständig und Solidarisch im Alltag – Organize!


Anti-capitalist demonstration: For resistance and solidarity in everyday life – Organize!

On April30^th 2018, we‘ll take the streets together against displacement. Rising rents, forced evictions and homelessness, repression by the “Jobcenter”, everyday racism and increasing surveillance are expressions of the everyday capitalist violence. Growing nationalism and populism divide our society. Besides the right-wing parties and movements, the red-red-green city government is also involved. They use the exploited and the excluded against each other Racist and degrading controls are a daily issue. Surveillance is increasing, in so called ‘Gefahrengebieten’ police violence becomes normality.

But the present situation is humanmade and can be changed by humans. Our alternative to the capitalist city ist the “City for all”. We want self-organized spaces, social centres, anti-authoritarian kindergarten and youth clubs instead of luxury houses for a few. We want the right for decent housing instead of camp confinement. We want freedom of movement instead of permanent control. We say no to parties and parliaments, real change can only be created together. Our alternative to the failure of the government is solidarity and self-organization in our cities: against racism and social exclusion!

APRIL 30th 2018 – 16:00 – U-SEESTR. – BERLIN-WEDDING

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