On April 30th 2017, we’ll take the streets together. Rising rents, increasing pressure from Jobcenters, racist policing, lacking opportunities and spaces to participate in our neighborhoods: this is all part of a ever intensifying capitalist remodeling of our city – which affects each and every one of us. Our answer is grassroots self-organization! Together, we can make change happen.

Self-organized housing instead of displacement

It becomes harder and harder to find or maintain affordable housing in Berlin. Especially people with low income are in danger of losing their apartments. The rents are soaring. Modernizations and renovations are often merely pretentious reasons for owners to squeeze more money out of their tenants. Those who can’t pay will be evicted without hesitation and are threatened by homelessness. For thousands of Berliners, who live on the streets, this has already become a reality. While affordable housing is desperately needed, more apartments are being sold as private properties, rented out for horrendous prices or undergo luxury renovations. Instead of a „caring city“ we feel an urban remodeling to the demands of the wealthy. The agenda is still: „poor people out – rich people in“!

Our answer to displacement is mutual support in our neighborhoods! We want to fight isolation and let no one stand alone, who is afraid of losing their home.

Living together based on equality instead of racism

On arrival in Berlin, every asylum-seeking person is turned into an object for the profit of German companies and industry. In the feigned name of “humanitarian help” – which, by means of a secondary asylum right, represents a contradiction to “full” human rights of citizens – social institutions, security corporations, catering and hygiene companies rush at this newfound source of jobs and money. Asylum-seeking persons find themselves wasting their time in large camps, professionally patronized and permanently controlled. We demand social housing and affordable apartments also for persons who are seeking shelter in Berlin instead of creating new areas of poverty at the outskirts of Berlin through building container villages and modular buildings (so-called MUF). In the long term, these racist exclusion politics and its antisocial industry will intensify and establish degrading and inhumane conditions.

Communal living instead of isolation

As a consequence of displacement, there are fewer and fewer places and possibilities to create and enjoy communal living in our neighborhoods – without having to spend money to do so. We need spaces to meet and connect with each other, from where we launch our shared efforts. Offers for physical activities in our neighborhoods serve as a clear example:

we don’t need sports for the elites, commercial associations, or big events. Instead we demand intact soccer fields and gyms. Public, non-commercial recreational sports grounds, which are open to the whole community need more funding and support. Public programs for physical activities for people of all ages need to be maintained and expanded. Physical activities are for everyone, not only for young and sporty adolescents.

Our answer: Self-organization and solidarity!

Berlin politics has turned to the city into what it is now. Every government serves capitalist interests and is not serving the real needs of the people. This is why we have to stop setting our hopes on parties and parliaments. All political institutions, from the left, socially-democratic and green government to forces of the right like the AfD, are further exacerbating racist segregation and social exclusion. We prefer self-organization, because we know how we want to live, what we need and what is ultimately best for us. We fight for a city which is ruled from the bottom up and stands solidly united against increasing in rents, evictions and the creation of luxury apartments. We demand housing for everyone and non-commercial spaces. Self-organization instead of private property. Let’s fight together, as neighbors, for the self-determination of our neighborhoods and of our city.

Self-organizing means:

  • reaching out to neighbors and colleagues

  • fighting with initiatives of unemployed people or democratically organized unions for your rights at the Jobcenter and at work

  • utilizing the counseling offers in your neighborhood and fight back together against discrimination

  • participating in self-organized associations in your neighborhoods

  • go to events in your neighborhood and share your experiences

  • connect with a tenants rights organization

  • support political struggles against racism

Wedding is full of initiatives, associations and self-organized groups. These are spaces, where people meet to share their experiences, oppose displacement, racism and discrimination in solidarity, fight for their rights, get to know each other or have fun! Some of these groups come together to organize the anti-capitalist march on April 30th. We want a city for all. Come and join us! Organize!